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| Naseem Library Management Program version

This software is installed on all versions of the Windows operating system (32 and 64 bits) and can be used in all libraries (public and private libraries, offices and institutions, universities, bases, schools, etc.).

The possibility of defining users with access level restrictions, advanced management of library members and documents, management of the loan desk, etc. are among the features of this software.


A summary of software features

- Ability to create multiple users with definable access levels for each user (user management)

- Full registration and management of books and other documents (library management)

- Full registration and management of library members (member management)

- Print profile form and membership card of members

- Complete registration and management of loaned documents (loan desk)

- Sending SMS (individual and group)



Download Nasim library management software (with a size of 6.95 MB)

(Enter the password 1 to log in with Admin username)

Registration and activation:

Nassim Library Management Software is offered as a trial version (limited version). By registering in the program, you will not have any restrictions on recording information. The cost of obtaining the program registration code is 5 euros, you can pay it via the link below.


Payment through the electronic payment gateway

1- الکود البرمجی لکل کمبیوتر فرید من نوعه. ولذلک، قم بإرسال رمز البرنامج من الکمبیوتر الذی تم تثبیت البرنامج واستخدامه علیه.

2- بعد الدفع سیتم إرسال رمز التفعیل إلى بریدک الإلکترونی فی أقرب وقت ممکن.



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